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Sumo – Trakul EP

Sumo, the self professed “sound nerd” from southern Germany with an eclectic musical taste ranging from traditional Japanese influences to his main love, UK garage, returns to Sonar Kollektiv after a three year hiatus. Having unleashed his debut Hokori EP on the label back in 2019 – a raw, bass worrying, dance floor facing affair – the Stuttgart based producer is back with a more mature, melancholic take on his signature sound with the sonorous offerings of the Trakul EP, due to be released this October.

From the light hearted, daytime TV intro, it’s clear that this marks a significant departure for the producer, albeit one that still maintains Sumo’s club sensibilities, as illustrated by the opening, and probably most bass worrying track on the record – the jittering, techy yet soulful iiu. Very quickly, though, things get a little more serious and sonorous. The singles, RaK and Xari, see local hero and sultry songstress Soffie deliver sensitive vocal performances, alongside Sumo himself, that concern themselves with issues of mental health and empathy respectively. Themes that will need to be addressed in a post pandemic world on the edge.

One highlight of the EP is the keys driven beauty that is Cen ni. This sparse, melancholic piece sees Sumo taking center stage on vocal duties with another thoughtful and meditative performance that, despite its introverted nature and succinct length, still manages to deliver a catchy tune that’ll stay with you beyond your first listen.

The EP is rounded off with the even more wistful and concise Mylo, which leaves the listener hanging, hopefully in anticipation of more downtempo delights from this most diverse of producers – a musical maverick and sonic chameleon who has always been able to adapt to the changing world around him.

Trakul EP is out October 7th on Sonar Kollektiv.

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