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Sumo – Ishiki EP

The Japanese term Ishiki is best translated with awareness or consciousness and it‘s very clear to hear that Sumo, a musician from Stuttgart, has approached his new EP on Sonar Kollektiv with the power that lies within a confident take on clarity.

The producer who also works as a a composer and sound designer for many well-known brands is part of the wide 0711 network which originally has its roots in Hip-Hop. On his Ishiki EP Sumo celebrates his love for House music which he interprets in his very own unique way.

The way he cuts little pieces of vocals and synths and recombines them is reminiscent of the techniques of the legendary Garage House movement which has arisen from New Jersey in the early 90s. Sumo combines straight 4/4-beats with Breakbeats full of crisp and funky snare drum patterns and striking bass lines. Thus, he creates a conception of a House hybrid which sounds tremendously fresh. As a result, Sumo succeeds in building his very own version of dance music within the big House continuum. And with Ishiki he puts his unique and singular stamp on it.

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