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Sonar Kollektiv 3 – compiled by All As One

Every once in a while people from record labels go mental. For no special reason. Already being born with too much self confidence, they start ego tripping and find their stairway to heaven, shine on like crazy diamonds, even though nobody is paying attention, because the whole world is watching footie.

So are we! We just thought it would be a tremendous experience to let the world know what our little label did the last 15 months. So we compiled another Sonar Kollektiv CD & 12″ EP (SK040CD & SK039) to present our artists, throw out exclusive goodies and release some vinyl exclusives, first time on this dying format. But that’s not enough, this time we’ll also do T-shirts, though you can’t listen to them, let me tell you, they are beautiful and we’re selling these in our shop soon.

So, what’s on here? Our beloved opener DJ Ghe from Berlin hitting some hip hop buttons and still working on his album, followed by a stunning fresh talent called Ruth, who is the singer of Platnum. This is R’n’B business somewhere from Rumania. A long player is in production! The Azymuth “live re-jam” of Nuspirit Helsinki’s “Seis Por Ocho” is receiving nice feedback in the UK, staying in Scandinavia old Forss presents us one from his amazing debut album “Soulhack” (SK006CD). He’s got a new laptop now and therefore he has run out of apologies to delay his second, very promising album.

We’re also allowed to catch a glimpse on Slope’s and Micatone’s follow up albums, as we have two new exclusive tunes from them. Together with Philadelphia’s MC Capitol A Slope are heading for the slow garden of deep hip house, whereas Micatone are heading for gold status with their sweet pop anthem “That’s The Way It Goes”. Again, we are damn excited about all these albums, probably to hit the road next year. Dimlite, Double U, Solar System, Jazzanova, Georg Levin and Eva Be appear all for the first time on CD. Double U is our latest signing from France, presenting some handmade hipfolk. Solar System is Denmark’s Jazz musician Thomas Hass Christiensen with a splendid vocal talent called Kendra. Wahoo (Dixon & Georg Levin) have done a remix for that on “Careless Butterfly” (SK034). DJ Spinna’s remix of Georg Levin’s “In Your Car” (SK007EP) and the dub version of “Let Your Heart Be Free” (SK032) by Jazzanova have received great feedback, so we thought it might be a good idea to release them on CD.

Last but certainly not least comes a Best 7 signing and a long time friend of our collective Eva Be teaming up with Kiwi Joe Dukie of Fat Freddy’s Drop fame (also w/ DJ Fitchie). It’s out on “Eve’s Time Tonite” (SB7014) and is just a sweet soul number. This man has an amazing voice. Let us watch out for Fat Freddy’s first long player, they are working on it.

On the 12″ we also have two new exclusive. First Lensco’s remix of Jazzanova’s “No Use” with the lovely Clara Hill. Btw Clara is currently working on the second longplayer. Delicous. Second, Switzerlands electronica chef Dimlite has done an abstract version of Deyampert’s “Held Him First”.

Now if all of this isn’t ego tripping and super sizing, we bet you still must be watching footie, though the championship is already over. So, please do us a favour and have a listen to it. Thank you very much.

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