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Sonar Kollekting Vol.2

Sonar Kollekting Vol. 1”, releases in 2013, was actually the first true, official showcase of the by now over two decades operating Berlin label. Four years later we already get the chance to get once more a 360-degree view of Sonar Kollektiv’s creative work. Four years during which quite a lot has happened apparently. No more than two artists of all the present collaborators on Vol.2 have been already featured on the first edition of “Sonar Kollekting”: Pete Josef and Stee Downes. “Sonar Kollekting Vol. 2” opens up an appetizing prospect on the label’s near future when it comes to current and forthcoming releases.

Just out, for example, is the marvellous electronics-folky album “Wiped Out” by Mooryc, off which the profound song “One Day” is featured here. A bit buoyant is the remix done by Erobique for Marlow‘s Backroom (on which you can hear Pete Josef). Next to other releases of the past months (The Black 80s, Mius und Tim Aminov), the listener is treated with ten exclusive tracks on this impressive collection. Talents like Dürerstuben already aroused attention with releases on Mutual Musik, Pampa Records und Luettje Luise and now make a lot of noise via Sonar Kollektiv. “Will E. & Gynt Her” implies a splendid feature of the twosome and the label. Together with London based singer Mark Borgazzi, Jad & The (formerly known as Jad & The Ladyboy) also contributes a song thus far unreleased (“Underwater”) to the 15 tracks strong compilation. From Harry Miller aka Glow In The Dark we get “Dark Stars”, a song not to be found on his just released debut “Future Bliss”. There is additional exclusive material in the form of the Nikitch remix of ComixXx‘ “Can U Feel?”, a subtle remix by ComixXx and Alex Barck for Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra‘s “Into Forever”, a remix by Envee for Pete Josef‘s “The Travelling Song” (off his 2015 album “Colour”) and new tracks by Dutchman Geurt Kersjes aka Pitto (“Being”), the Italian Hip-hop production combo The Mixtapers (“Take Me Away”) and as well as ComixXx (“Synthesizer Journey”).

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