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In the southern Indian Ocean all hell has broke loose recently. Some weeks ago the cyclone Dumile lashed the island La Réunion. But in the eye of the storm Alex Barck also sweeps one stormer after the other towards club land. For his second preliminary 12inch of his upcoming solo album (“Reunion“) this time he invited the Swedish exceptionally gifted singer Jonatan Bäckelie (he’s according to some music press the Scandinavian Jamiroquai) aka Ernesto.

Don’t Hold Back” is an incredibly euphoriant dancefloor anthem – that contrary to its title – celebrates the coitus interruptus until it hurts. Or is this how the infamous quiet before the storm feels like?

Together with keyboard player Kasar from Freiburg Barck ventures on the flipside in a little cutter out on the heavy sea. What they capture as “Atmosphere” is another milestone in the career of the Berliner temporarily living in exile. This track booms under full sail and embodies the imperative: “All hands on deck!” Clubhit!

The remix by newcomer VECT from Toulouse slows down the maneuver in a virtuoso manner. Although the assignment of the genre “chillwave” would be appropriate conceptually, VECT sports a totally novel sound, which you can’t pigeonhole at all and is simply just one thing: the future. So we all can scream excitedly: “Land, ho!”

With this second annoucement release for the album “Reunion” Barck fuels expectations to the fullest. One can be assured though: He will live up to it.

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