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Pete Josef announces new album

Pete Josef announces new album “I Rise With The Birds” for October 2020.

After his critically acclaimed debut “Colors” in 2015, Pete Josef is releasing a new single “Giants” from his forthcoming album.

Having previously collaborated with the likes of Manu Delago & Roni Size, Pete Josef has always been a soul boy at heart, but his multi-instrumental skills have led him into some interesting situations

Giving a taster of what to expect from the full length long-player, new single ‘Giants’ (which also features the vocal talents of Marie Lister) is a powerful song of praise, dedicated to all the trailblazers, all the innovators, all the great minds and all the giants that built this world of civilisation now seemingly at the brink of a new era. The track is as grand as the idea, and not short of big gestures. The sophisticated words, the stampede of horns, the communal cry of the tribal drums and voices, and the drama of the orchestra instilling a sense of both power and protest in the minds and body of the listener. 

Explaining the track’s origins, Pete explains: “The song tells a story, a story of anger at the lack of sen- se and direction in our time. Where are the giants of our age? And when will they wield the power that makes the difference? By that time, will it be too late?

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