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Micatone – Ping Pong

German nu jazz stalwarts Micatone continue their comeback journey with Ping Pong, the follow up to the ethereal and emotionally charged coming-of-age piece, Where Do You Belong?

The core duo of the band, Boris Meinhold on guitar and synths and Lisa Bassenge on vocals, have been making music for the label for over two decades, with five studio albums and numerous singles to date.

Like many women, Lisa suffers from severe Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS, but hers is particularly pronounced as it’s coupled with a form of ADHD. The song’s lyrics, and title, reflect on methods of coping with the symptoms that arise due to her “neurotransmitters playing ping pong” in her brain.

The song itself has something of a moody 60’s latin-jazz feel with obscure samples and subtle electronics doing just enough to counteract the retro ambience. The driving force throughout (aside from Lisa’s heartfelt vocal) is a guitar recorded through an old telephone receiver and the beats programmed by Stefan Leisering. The Jazzanova producer’s drum track remains somewhat understated though, and leaves ample room for Lisa’s vocal to shine, whilst also giving off something of a 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover touch.

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