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Key Elements – Remixed

The debut album by Key Elements came out on Sonar Kollektiv earlier this year, in May to be exact. Only six months later the ever since growing fanbase can already look forward to a jam-packed remix EP. The opener of the album, «Mike Needs Sugar» becomes «Mic Need Sugar» because an MC, in the person of Toni Sauna, steps to the mic and flows so smoothly you tend to think of the original as the instrumental of itself.

«Elemental» comes in a super deep remix by Berlin based Thallus and as an original cut by Marian Tone personally, the mastermind behind Key Elements. Also «Fading Out» is featured with two new interpretations. One of them provides the youngest wunderkind on Sonar Kollektiv, Quintin Copper from Tübingen
(his debut together with Marshmellow Marc will be released next year by the way). His remix as well as the one by Jan Kinčl from Croatia are both trippy masterpieces of beatmaking vaulting jazz into the next decade. Remix number 6 and number 7 are both taking care of «Sua Onda». Once again by Jan Kinčl and then there is the totally nutty electrofunk version by Jim Dunloop.

Absolutely genius!

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