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Isoul8 – Balance

When Multi-tasking reaches a level where you can only spend Sundays with your musical passion, then you know there’s no time to compromise. ENRICO CRIVELLARO aka VOLCOV and ISOUL8 is one of those characters who are fighting on various fronts and therefore take their limited time off to twist the knobs in their studio. For the past couple of years he has been running the two highly prolific and influential labels Archive and Neroli. Through this ether he has supported, featured and built artists like THEO PARRISH, DOMU, NUBIAN MINDZ and JUST ONE among various others who have now gained recognition on a larger scale. His own productions under the VOLCOV moniker and as RIMA (JCR 039-1) with soul mate DOMU led him far beyond the borders of the so-called West London Broken Beat Sound. As his influences reach back to early nineties Chicago and New York house with a soulful twist you can imagine that there is more to his music than just a complex beat pattern. His musical background has gained him a reputation as a true house marvel that for some has pulled more strings in the back but who is now ready to step out of the shadow into the light.

If you are now looking for a cutting edge musical adventure that will blow all boundaries you might have to search somewhere else but if you like your house deep and soulful topped of by some of the best musicians and vocalists around chances are good you are going to fall in love with this album. Nowadays it seems that house has become the new chill-out sound whereas slower rhythms filled this gap a couple of years ago. It seems as if things have shifted up a gear but luckily there are currently a number of movements here and there that bring good house music back to the main floor and ISOUL8 is one of those projects that lead the way there.

About four years in the making ENRICO CRIVELLARO had plenty of time to plan every step and get the musicians involved that he thought are commendable enough to be a part of it. He kicks off with the wonderful voice of former GALLIANO member VALERIE ETIENNE who has been a substantial of the formation 2 banks of 4 with partner ROB GALLAGHER and is currently touring with MATTHEW HERBERT. The list continues with omnipresent vocalist Paul Randolph who adds his special extra to Clover and On My Heart which he dedicates to SCOTT “SWAACK” HEAD and which has already become a favourite of RAINER TRÜBY, MICHAEL RÜTTEN and JAZZANOVA´s ALEX BARCK. Both West London golden tonsil MARCUS BEGG and NADIRAH SHAKOOR with her ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT background have come a long way and it´s always a pleasure to witness their talent. BUGZ IN THE ATTIC keyboard wizard KAIDI TATHAM, adds his twisted harmonies to more than just A Silent Force whereas ongoing collaborator Just One as always feels Free of all musical conventionalism.

As if signore CRIVELLARO wouldn’t already invest enough effort into his musical microcosm, he is also running a fruit empire in his hometown Verona, Italy. So whenever you buy an apple or pear in your local grocery store it may have gone through the selective hands of this Italian Mafioso. Be aware!

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