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Micatone – Nine Songs

Micatone is a band “made in Berlin”. Formed in 1999, Micatone developed their own special way of linking live music with samples and electronic elements.

Their first Micatone EP (SZ4003) was released last summer and received lots of enthusiasm in the club scene. Yellow Productions from Paris listed the Micatone EP on their dj-charts on No. 1. “Step into the Gallery” was so enticing that M.R. Soulpatroul’s put it on his “Tribes of da Underground”- compilation (Infracom).

While jamming all over Germany, new songs were created and the idea to do a longplayer was born. “Nine Songs” amalgamates the songwriting-qualities of the musicians with a production using samplers and computers.

The sound is bright and clear without affectation. The musicians wanted their first album to sound authentic. The first track on the album shows the band’s roots with vibraphonist David Friedman, a major musician of the contemporary jazz world in past and present.

Micatone’s style derives from jazz, but prefers new school breakbeats and takes a view back into the former times of songwriting.

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