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I Human feat. Paul Randolph (Jeremy Sole Remix)

Sonar Kollektiv’s inclination towards dubbed out pop/dance music is definitely no secret (see Fat Freddy’s Drop or Eva Be). But with this brand new 7inch the Berlin label hits the nail on the head. Chicago-born Jeremy Sole is one of the program selectors at renowed LA radio station KCRW and hosts a weekly party in Santa Monica where he blends Afrobeat, Funk, Reggae, Latin, Brazilian and everything else under the sun. “If I’m playing a Dub tune, it has a similar rhythm to Cumbia so it forms a bridge from Jamaica to Colombia. Then maybe mix into a salsa track, followed by a salsa remix with a dancehall pattern that translates into certain Afrobeat rhythms. It’s about finding similarities and using songs to connect cultures and build momentum.” His show on KCRW is built on that same foundation.

His remix for I Human doesn’t really sound like a remix. It rather sounds like an original recording by Sole himself. Adding trumpet player Todd Simon and reworking it to the bone he transforms the song into a jaunty, summery dub track. So we already have a hot contender for the summer hit of 2012. And a tune that probably will get lots of airplay on one of our favourite radio station in the world, KCRW.

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