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Hannes Fischer – Together w / Remixes by Mat.Joe & Clap!Clap!

This is only the second release by Berlin based Hannes Fischer – but “Together” is one of those tracks, when and wherever you gonna play it out, somebody will come up to you and asks what it is that’s making everybody smile so dopey. Given the slowness with which some things reveal themselves, it’s amazing how fast other things become clear. Like how, if you stroll along a remote beach and suddenly this girl with golden hair appears on the horizon and you know that she’s the one. It’s like this how “Together” gently lingers upon you with a rapturing guitar straight in your brain, soul, body and heart. This is first-rate entertainment, and a satisfying floor filler for all you Balearic heads who wish Ibiza had a bit more Croatia in it.

The Berlin duo Mat.Joe abandons the romantic site with their remix and resorts into suburban claustrophobia giving the guitar hook only little space to breathe and kicking instead a never ending pull & retreat of fabulous proportions.

Steps in Clap! Clap! from Tuscany to take “Together” to far away places we never knew they existed. This is Voodoo tactics at its meanest and before we think this might end up in Zulu warrior territory a meandering synth sets in harshly. A remix so confusing as well as otherworldly you won’t stop listening to it to find out how once can come up with such a stroke of genius. Don’t let this release slip under your radar by any means, you would regret it for the rest of your life!

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