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Feiertag announces debut album with his new single Yearn

Feiertag prepares to release his latest single ‘Yearn’, giving another tantalizing glimpse of his forthcoming album on Sonar Kollektiv.

Multi-faceted artist Feiertag has established himself as a leading name within the electronic music sphere since making his debut in 2015. He defies convention in ways many cannot, from his immersive productions on Last Night On Earth, Boogie Angst, Majestic Casual and Kitsune.

He now returns to deliver his latest release, ‘Yearn’ alongside 22-year-old singer & songwriter Oli Hannaford and Amsterdam’s Tessa Rose Jackson.

The superb ‘Yearn’ reveals a melancholic and shimmering musical soundscape. Majestic vocals combine with lush percussive elements and smooth drums, whilst rich chords work atop of resonant strings to reveal yet another stunning production from the Dutch artist.

Feiertag’s ‘Yearn’ featuring Oli Hannaford & Tessa Rose Jackson drops on Sonar Kollektiv on 5th February 2020.

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Feiertag Press Picture