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Disco Rigido – Elevation EP

Disco Rigido (Portuguese for „hard disc“) is the name of a musical project by Twit One and Lorenzo Merluzzo. Their real names are actually Tim Purnell and Lars Dorsch and both share a connection via the famous Cologne record store Groove Attack. While Lars was running the shop during the best part of the 90s into the early 2000’s, Tim meanwhile co-manages the store for the past five years or so but also gained reputation as one of Germany’s most respected hip hop beat makers, releasing his productions on various labels and several monikers (Tito Wun, Echoman, Flat Pocket, etc.).

Lars has been producing music since the early 90s, most notably under the name Karma (see the Loft classic „Highpriestess“, for example), however both share a common interest for open-minded / non-genre specific music.
With Disco Rigido the two Cologne citizens fathom absolutely new paths, combining both of their musical universes, from drugged out dub to hip hop, afro-beat to house, broken beat to techno – dance music for between the sheets with a psychedelic twist.

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Disco Rigido