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Daniel Grau – Reworks Vol.4

„Reworks Vol. 4“ is the last issue of a whole series of stunning edits for the forgotten, Venezuelan producer and studio engineer Daniel Grau. DJs and producers like  Daniel Wang, Max Graef, Ray Mang and Debonair have all completed their very own and personal interpretations of Grau’s Tropical Cosmic Disco world for Sonar Kollektiv. Now works by Mark E, Fajra Fantasmo, Marcel Vogel and Jacques Renault succeed for this 4th issue.

It’s not the first remix Mark E has done for Sonar Kollektiv. But with all due respect to his previous achievements this edit of Grau’s “Combination” (off the 1981 album „Por Que No Podemos Hacerlo?“) is probably one of the most astounding things Mark Evett has perpetrated so far (by a hair’s breadth behind his inofficial edit of Birth Control’s “Plastic People). Hynotic funk right on the bass drum with filter effects applied so perfectly that the party will get going at the latest when this track drops in. The whistle-along tune „Con El Cielo En Tus Ojos“ (off Grau’s LP „El Leon Bailarin„) is morphed by Fajra Fantasmo into most peculiar techhouse. We’re all wound up to a high pitch to see how in the midst of a grimy DJ set this remix will set a grin of all the dancers faces by its jauntiness. By contrast New York based Jacques Renault opens up a jar of jam with his edit for “Atlantis” and sets the mood right for a sugary sunset. And when it comes to unbridled funkyness who else the Amsterdam based Marcel Vogel would do a better job by editing “Corre Caminos” (also off Grau’s “El Leon Bailarin” album)? His restoration work shines with authenticity and accuracy for modern dance floors.

With the digital download you get again an incentive: “Funky Bit-Bop” (off the 1983 released “440 Toker” LP) is getting stripped by Mark E to the bone only to pumped up again to become a brute little tigress painting clubland red.

Daniel Grau can be quite proud of by who, and how his legacy has been worked with. Let’s hope this is inspiration for him to produce even more, fresh, fantastic music.

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