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Worldwide FM Berlin #6 – Alex Barck with Project Mooncircle & HHV Records

In Berlin, you hardly can’t be digging for crates, living the urban lifestyle without knowing about Growing up as a small record store in Berlin-Friedrichshain, soon became one of the leading retailers selling vinyl records online. Ronald Seibt is representing from day one and the head of the record label section of Starting in 2002, the label has more than 600 vinyl releases under its belt mainly focusing into International and German Hip Hop, Lo-Fi Beats and and Jazzy Instrumental Music.

Being the manufacturer as well as the distributor for labels like Radio Juicy or Cosmic Compositions, also runs the sub-label Project Mooncircle which enables them to work closely with musicians and label operators to create releases according to their own taste.

Project Mooncircle is, as a division of the label, a creative collective operating in the left-field sphere of electronic music. Originally established in 2002, its diverse back catalogue is one of no musical boundaries. Today much of the label’s output focuses on the fusion of organic and electronic music. With a heavy emphasis on artwork and design, the label prides itself on the curation of original ideas and vision. Representing the label today is Gordon Gieseking, founder and CEO of Project Mooncircle.

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