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Worldwide FM Berlin #27 – Varia Instruments

Fortnightly show from Berlin, exploring the city’s vibrant music scene and nightlife, featuring exiled and original Berliners bringing live mixes and interviews. For this show, Alex will be joined by Varia Instruments / Frank Spirit.

Varia Instruments was founded by Marcel and Simon, two friends with a passion for music and high quality audio equipment. With the RDM20 they developed a unique rotary DJ mixer. Their second product, the TTW10, is an innovative turntable weight for 7“ and 12“ records. The two young engineers identified that there is a significant demand for high-quality DJ mixers as an alternative for the mass produced models available on the market. The idea of developing a product from scratch that will satisfy their needs was born. The combination of their skills fitted perfectly to realize the vision: Marcel is an electronic technician and sound engineer, Simon a passionate record collector, DJ and mechanist. Soon their handcrafted DJ mixer RDM20 was shipped to DJs and audio enthusiasts from all over the planet. Thinking one step further lead them to launch their new product in 2018, the innovative turntable weight TTW10 which received positive attention within the international audio and DJ community.

Frank Spirit is a duo of two ambitious musicians who share a passion for vintage samplers, drummachines and synthesizers. The collaboration started with the decision to share a studio in 2015. Already the first sessions revealed that the blend of their different influences creates something fresh and unheard. Beatmaker attitude meets four-to-the-floor house. The combination sounds natural and organic, somehow familiar and unknown at the same time. In addition to their productions, ‘Frank Spirit’ stands behind the 1s and 2s mixing Disco, House and everything that makes you wanna shake your hips.

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