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The Slapped Eyeballers – Sloppy Future Manipulations

The Slapped Eyeballers are Balt Mirczok (Vocals) and Dimitri Grimm, known to some as Dimlite. Dimitri: «I’ve spent much time of last summer swimming in the river that goes through berne, and when I got back home I sat down with the instruments that surround me or that I had to lend from friends… Balt came up with some simple lyrics, in english and swiss german. I was tired of tinkering beats during this period, and the approach here is clearly a whole different story – it’s kind of libbing to record 1 song a day, instead of working on an semi-electronic instrumental piece for weeks..I can not really play guitar and Balt can not really sing, and this is a very spontaeous thing, everything done very sloppy… so i say: this project might return at some point, and it will sound different, for now TSE are just passing through, quasi dying at birth, and we leave this little extract… may it help you through everyday life.»


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