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Stee Downes – All Over The World EP

The successor to Stee Downes’ 2008 debut „All In A Day“ has been in the making for quite some time now. The anticipation couldn’t be bigger therefore on the second album “The Bigger Picture”, which will finally see the light of day in July. To fuel these expectations even further Sonar Kollektiv releases a preliminary EP featuring three tracks to be found on “The Bigger Picture”.

Already with “Big Mistake” you can sense why it took Downes so long to bear his sophomore full-length set. The man doesn’t want to tie himself down to just one single style of expression, but aims for a greater goal, to make the world a better place with songs so powerful and life-affirming nobody can’t escape their magic. There’s funk in it, lots of soul of course but also this kind of infectious pop appeal which leads – under normal circumstances – to the big, worldwide breakthrough. “Always On My Mind” orientates itself by the productions and collaborations Downes’ fame and reputation has been built on over the last few years. You can call it soulful house music for grown-ups, if you need a label to it. And the third song off this optimism spreading EP, “All Over The World”, is another jaw-dropper, a true anthem of life, love and of course music. If the other songs from “The Bigger Picture” are only roughly as good as these three teasers, one can look forward to one the best albums of 2016.

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