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The Sonar Kollektiv Fam returns to Heideglühen and welcomes you to celebrate springtime with deep & soulful electronic dance music. We’ve transformed our weekly radio show “The Space In Between” into a 16-hours party “The Space In The Glühen”. We’re gonna serve uplifting jazz & disco infused house music for hungry dancing feet with international guests & friends such as Rebecca Vasmant (WWFM, UK), Leroy Rey (Amsterdam, NL), Cody Currie & Joel Holmes (Toy Tonics, Ldn/ Bln) plus some of our favorite local heroes such as Aria Santillana (disco and vino), Eddy Ramich (BBE, Sonar Kollektiv) & Hazy Pockets (Tegelboys), in good company of the real house music legend, 50% of The Black 80s and Sonar Kollektiv’s good soul Hollis P Monroe.

We can’t wait to celebrate with y’all! No excuses. Mark the date, tell your friends and see you on the dancefloor, on the 19th of May, 14:00 at Heideglühen.


Aria Santillana // disco and vino

Cody Currie & Joel Holmes // Toy Tonics

Eddy Ramich // BBE, Sonar Kollektiv

Hazy Pockets // Tegelboys

Hollis P Monroe // The Black 80s

Leroy Rey // Soulful Sunday, NL

Rebecca Vasmant // WWFM, UK

  • special guest*
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