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Sonar Kollektiv EP – compiled by Jazzanova

After the surprise success of our first little Jazzanova EP, (a white-label we hand stamped in Jürgen’s bedroom three years ago), we got somewhat high spirited and enthusiastic about things. In a very naive way, we went about trying to do what everyone else did before us – found a label. To be honest, it was a real trainee-program. The ups and downs included moving office three times, losing money here, gaining experience there…

Why did we do it?

We saw the necessity to establish a common platform, or just simply an urban infrastructure for good music in our beloved hometown of Berlin. Especially for all those friends and homies that supported us along the way. We opened an office, organized a regular club-night, built a studio, etc. It was a slow but steady process.

The Sonar Kollektiv evolved into a real Mothership, establishing a musical community open for all. Our structuring allows us to make the artists into A&R-managers of their own sub-labels, by giving them the major role, leaving us the space to shape and guide. Thanks to this unique structuring we can oversee how all the musicians and producers intermingle and grow together: be it Pathless programming percussion for Dixon, Meitz playing Fender Rhodes here and there, or Axel, recording, mixing and joking around with the vocalists.

The music released on Sonar Kollektiv reflects our love of different musical styles, be it R&B or Rock, 2Step or simply Jazz.

We are happy to present this to you on this compilation that showcases both Sonar Kollektiv classics as well as the unreleased material of upcoming acts. Slip it into your home stereo, car stereo, hi-fi, or whatever listening contraption you may possess and enjoy…

Alexander Barck & Daniel W. Best

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