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Sequel – Motorized Instinct

From the opening waves to the closing tones, this is an album that’s just as good as everyone has been waiting for it to be.

Zurich based Sequel, consisting of Gianni Siravo and Roberto Santo, have been one of the prime examples of the Straight Ahead sound for some time. Here they’ve produced a shining long-player which ranges from soulful house, through avant-garde broken beat funk, all the way to progressive electronica, whilst preserving their own unique take on things the whole way through.

One of those rare dance albums that will suit DJs and home listeners equally, “Motorized Instinct” has already been picked up on by luminaries such Gilles Peterson, Little Louis Vega and Peter Kruder.

The album’s optimistic musical atmosphere is added to by a selection of great vocalists. Brazilian jazz singer Jenny Chi features on the sizzling opener “Solidad”, and 19 year old Guillermo Soria’s youthful hunger takes the listener back to the early days of house and disco on “Neptune, Moon and Mars”.

The incredible warmth of “I’ve Been Waiting” receives added passion from Jimmy Williams, and the dulcet folksy tones of Gabriella Krapf add an entirely different kind of soul to “I Can’t Say No”.

Sonar Kollektiv have been making a name for themselves as purveyors of the finest 21st Century soul, and “Motorized Instinct” in infused with the same emotive power that has made the label such a success, and such a pleasure to listen to.

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