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Roland Appel – Unforgiven

With ROLAND APPEL Sonar Kollektiv took on board one of the finest music producers that the German scene has to offer right now. ROLAND APPEL has a long experience as a DJ and music producer. Indeed he started Djing and writing music in the early nineties. With his long-time partner and friend CHRISTIAN PROMMER he founded the band FAUNA FLASH and made a name for himself with 3 full-length albums and many 12“s, remixes and appearances on labels that matters on the electronic music scene such as Compost Records, G Stone Recordings and !K7. He was also one third of the famous TRÜBY TRIO whose album Elevator Music has been an outstanding success. In 1998 Roland teamed up with the producers/Djs PETER KRUDER and CHRISTIAN PROMMER to form the studio projekt VOOMVOOM. Singles on Compost Records and the Debut album PengPeng on !K7 followed in 2006.

With such an extensive discography and such a high profile ROLAND APPEL toured all around the world and played in the best clubs such as Fabric in London, Cielo in New York or Yellow in Tokyo. He also had the opportunity to be on stage at the biggest music festivals such as Roskilde festival, Sonne Mond und Sterne, Sunflower, Big Chill Festival, 10 days off and Montreux Jazz Festival.

His carreer in bands did not prevent him to think a lot about his solo project. Roland moved to Paris for a year and a half and started to write new songs under his own name in 2004. His aim is to bridge the gap between a song and the feeling it carries and a banging house track that makes people dance. For that purpose he returned to Munich where he teamed up with sound engineer JAN KRAUSE and delved into his diverse influences from Detroit Techno to Folk over to Soul, Disco and House. Dark Soldier/Changes (SK158/elektrish) was the stunning result of his first experimentations and gained the full support of the biggest DJs worldwide such as ÂME, DIXON, GILLES PETERSON, DJ HELL, TIEFSCHWARZ, MISS KITTIN, PETE TONG any many more.. And this was just the beginning of ROLAND APPEL, who is ready to move the dancefloors with his new track entitled Unforgiven which is the perfect follow-up to his blasting first solo E.P.

Unforgiven is an emotive and intense house track with an irresistible dancefloor flavour. Straight 4/4 rhythms, beautiful layer of strings and cheerful keyboard stabs associated with the sublime voice of singer ARABA WALTON gives an impression of tranquillity to the track. But this is the calm before the storm. This heavenly feeling of serenity is broken by an explosive outbreak made of keyboard stabs and of a fierce drumroll that will tear-up the floors a like a bomb and make people raise their hands.

On the flipside Berlin DJ-star DIXON is at the controls for an edit of ROLAND APPEL’s Dark Soldier. The boss of the mighty Innervisions label is a proper technician of the dancefloor who knows how to revamp a tune. Indeed with more that 30 remixes and edits for labels such as Sonar Kollektiv, Compost Records, Yellow Productions or Poker Flat Recordings amongst many others DIXON is one of the biggest activists on the house and deep house scene for almost ten years. For this tasty edit he added some more deep-house rhythms, intensified the presence the voices and rises the tension beat after beat. DIXON’s version is a pure dancefloor tear-jacker that will make your heart beat faster and that will fit perfectly in any house set.

If you like deep and emotional house music with a soulful orchestration then don’t miss out ROLAND APPEL’s second 12“ Unforgiven on Sonar Kollektiv. It will give you exactly the sensations you are looking for.

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