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Here’s already the third pre-release 12inch of the upcoming debut solo album by Alex Barck. It intensifies the thrill of anticipation even further. Once again Barck chose one of his personal favorite voices – the one by Swedish singer Jonatan Bäckelie aka Ernesto. His vocals make the orchestral arrangement shine in bright light and is so full of love that you can’t stop yourself from grinning broadly while listening. You can already see it right in front of you: A packed dancefloor full of people  sparkling in bliss. This is real feel good music!

But then Kalabrese from Zurich steps in and the fun is over. Even though Kalabrese productions and remixes are mostly known because of their tongue-in-cheekiness, the ringmaster of the Rumpelzirkus comes up with a superbly sneaky and subtle reconstruction which you have to play for keeps. The added spacy guitar chords and the quirky synth lines turn the track into a mesmerizing endurance runner who won’t lose breath even after dancing twelve hours continuously.

Next to the remix by Kalabrese the flipside is fitted out with a further track, „Skydancing“. And slowly but surely one understands what Barck aims at with his debut album (“Reunion”): He over and over again celebrates the state of excitement, the euphoria, the elevated mood, the ecstasy which you feel while dancing and partying. „When I was high as the sky I won’t let you dancing’“, might be the hookline of „Skydancing“ – but whoever can sit still while enjoying this heavy dose of happy-making can’t be cured. Another anthem for those very, very long nights. We are ready for the album!


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