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Tracklist CD:

  1. listen Little Donna
  2. listen Below the Waterfall
  3. listen New Bed
  4. listen So Light
  5. listen Yours
  6. listen No More Drinks
  7. listen Follow the Light
  8. listen Get There
  9. listen Me and my Guitar
  10. listen Make a Rainbow
  11. listen Twist You Around

Cat. No: SK051CD
Released: 14th of February 2005
Available FormatS: CD, LP


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Benny Sings - I Love You

Artist: Benny Sings
Title: I Love You
Cat. No: SK051CD
Format: CD
Barcode: 8 21730 00512 3
Release Date: 14.02.2005

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Benny Sings began making hip-hop beats and at some point just started singing to them. His debut album "Champagne People" was released in the Netherlands in June 2003 on Dox Records.

The songs on this album were catchy yet fragile pop songs. The critics too were charmed by the transparent quality of his songs that expressed a classic but contemporary desire for love, peace and understanding. To promote the album Benny formed a jazz combo with a horn section and toured the Dutch venues and festivals such as Lowlands, Noorderslag and Uitmarkt. He won the Dutch Essent Award (an award meant to stimulate young, talented musicians) and in the mean time the album was released in Belgium and worldwide on vinyl (by Rush hour/Kindred Spirits).

Now it's time for the new Benny Sings album entitled "I Love You: live at the Bimhuis." (SK051CD/LP) This second album is clear proof of the Benny spirit. "Playing live, however scary it is, is good for me. On stage I've got this mic and people listen to my voice which is like perfect therapy for me."

He composed his second album on the way to gigs and arranged his new songs live on stage with his band. The new repertoire of feel good though occasionally hung-over songs is again a remarkable demonstration of pop music. Benny: No complicated bass guitar riffs or weird soundeffects that distract from the melody. No second thoughts and edges, no rebelling. Just the mega challenge of singing pure pop. The new album "I Love You" will be released worldwide by the Sonar Kollektiv on February 14, 2005.

Sonar Kollektiv will also re-release Benny Sings debut album "Champange People" (SK052CD/SK052LP) in August 2005.

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