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Record Store Day 2019 – Jazzanova

For this year’s Record Store Day on April 13th Sonar Kollektiv has a very special treat in store: Jazzanova mastermind and chief programmer of the Berlin five-man outfit, Stefan Leisering remixes a song off the current Jazzanova album „The Pool“ (released in June 2018), which he originally already co-composed and co-produced. One of the many highlights of the record, the funk track „Heatwave“ was written and recorded by Jazzanova together with Berlin based singer Olivier St. Louis.

For his very own remix Leisering notches up the performance by adding even more funkyness to the mix turning „Heatwave“ into a floor filler with an exclamation mark. For this matter he heavily refers to the sound of L.A.’s 80’s electrofunk scene, still Leisering’s version comes along like club music has to sound nowadays if it’s major aim is to lure everyone (especially the ladies) onto the dancefloor. Jazzanova in 2019: makes you want to dance.

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