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RAS – Exit Routine

Robert Galic walked into our office and asked us if we could send out promotional copies of his records from his own label En Soph. We sent them out. The second time he walked into our office he came with unreleased stuff. When we heard the tunes we told him that he’ed have serious problems if he didn’t let us release them. He understood…

Who is Robert Galic. A guy who grew up in Frankfurt/ Main and has been living and producing music in that o’ so wonderful city of London since 1994. His creative inspirations come from Jazz, Afro-Cuban music, Dub-Reggae, etc. The music that he produces features musicians from different cultural backgrounds such as traditional Jali musicians from Senegal, Guinea and Mali etc.) and aims to mix both live and electronical textures. Try “Exit Routine”, a fender/brass led tune with an afro feel. With “Kamizama” you will hear an offbeatexperiment while “Beat de la Romantique” is a downtempo jazz tune with a very special rythm structure.

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