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Radio Citizen – The Remixes

Almost exactly a year ago Radio Citizen’s third longplayer, “The Night & The City” (SK310CD / LP) was released on Sonar Kollektiv. The first birthday of the highly acclaimed concept album by the collective lead by mastermind Niko Schabel is celebrated with three (on vinyl), or eight (digitally) gifts in the form of remixes and new interpretations. Even two different treatments are present for “Last Delight” with Natalie Greffel’s comforting voice: One by Schabel himself, arranging the track slightly more hypnotical and dangerously voodooesque. The second remix comes via Moscow based Dima Studitsky. He cuts the song even radically further down to the bone floating between Industrial and Dark Wave inspired techno in a fog of a never ending night.

“Near And Far” is also available in two different variations. Simply because the longer version of Sound Voyage’s remix didn’t fit the vinyl. The 9-minutes epic has been marginally shortened for the 12inch version, but still doesn’t suffers a loss in terms of its magic.

Niko Schabel, & Tom Wieland  aka Sound Voyage reconstructed the track from scratch and created a bombshell for the somehow a bit sweatier dancefloors. Reinterpretations of own songs by Radio Citizen can be found on the digital release, “Shores”, “Peaces” and “Radio Days”. To round off the release a special remix by the Berlin reggae institution Oliver Frost is included. He manages easily again to turn “Rise” into a flawless Roots Reggae track and makes us look forward to the next Radio Citizen album.

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