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Radio Citizen announces new album

“Never change a winnig team”. That’s what Radio Citizen’s Niko Schabel must have thought when he decided to release his fourth album once again on Sonar Kollektiv. After the success of “The Night & The City” (SK310LP / CD) from 2015 and the productive collaboration ever since this seems like a wise resolution. Schabel’s idea to retrieve to a mountain cabin in Salvenberg, Tirol with his band and tons of equipment turned out to be an even more crucial factor to the cause. Here they could create and record new songs and bring them together neatly for the new album. The 13 tracks assembled here on “Silent Guide” are – each on its own and in its entirety anyway – best proof how wonderfully this approach has worked out. On this album Radio Citizen indulges in its love for live recorded instruments like never before. When all the previous efforts (with “Warm Canto” as an exception) were heavily based on samples, Radio Citizen’s sound gains spontaneity and charisma. Besides the (on the cover illustrated) happy gathering of synthesizers and keyboards there are also exceptionally many wind instruments on the album. An album floating in musical nowhere land between Krautrock, Free Jazz, Club Culture, Dub and maybe even Pop. Along these lines “Silent Guide” is a masterpiece of deliberate border crossing. We will wax lyrical about this album in years to come.

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