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Quintin Copper & Nas Mellow – Remixes

Quintin Copper & Nas Mellow’s debut album «April Dreams» has just been released on Sonar Kollektiv and pleases far more people than just those who like funk, soul and hip hop. To increase this fan base even further, the remix services of Rainer Trüby and Dowakee have been enlisted.

The Freiburg granddaddy of acid jazz and broken beat, Rainer Trüby, is ultimately responsible for getting the duo from Tübingen a record deal. His enthusiasm for the sound of Copper & Mellow then also comes into its own with his remix for «Breathe Easy». Very carefully and with an enormous sense for detail he slides the track a bit more towards the dancefloor. No one will sit still while listening to it.

Andru Dowakee also comes from Freiburg. The accomplished producer is a longtime musician friend of Quintin Copper and seems to have been waiting to finally deliver a remix for his buddy. His interpretation of «Pfau» is superslick homelistening house driven by spherical synth pads and a sophisticated beat. It seems as if in Freiburg and Tübingen you are imbibed in funk with your mother’s milk.

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