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Platnum – Sweet City

This is Platnums second 12 Inch release on Sonar Kollektiv. And also the single for the upcoming long player “Rock Me” (SK047CD/SK047LP) due to release on the 31st of January 2005.

Besides the orginal track “Two Stars” this 12 Inch features “Sweet City” and “Crush On You” in different remixes. As Platnums roots are Hiphop we chose artists for the remixes that are also closely tied to this same background.

Michel Baumann also known as Jackmate and as Soulphiction started his production and dj-carrier in the Hiphhop scene of Benztown Stuttgart in southern Germany. In his later years he discovered his love for Jackin’ Chicago House und Detroit Techno. Soulphiction gave his soulfull Detroit spirit to his remix of Platnums track “Sweet City”. From the orginal track he extracted a vocal-line looping it and enhancing it with artful beatstructuring. Watch out for the surprising break … pure deepness.

Jneiro Jarrel is a young rapper from Brooklyn at the beginning of his career. His debut album was just released on Kindred Spirits, a label from Amsterdam. Jneiro Jarrel stripped down the original vocal adding his own ruff beats (check the instrumental). Check his clever musical interpretation of the refrain … dope.

This 12 inch proves that the versatility of Ruth Renners voice makes it possible to work with her in totally different musical styles.

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