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Pete Josef – Remixes

Sonar Kollektiv preps for summer with a big selection of remixes of Pete Josef tunes by stalwarts Jazzanova, Feiertag, Friend Within and Quintin Copper as well as Josef himself.

Sonar Kollektiv served up Pete Josef’s second album I Rise With The Birds in Autumn last year and it remains a standout collection of jaunty soul, pop and dance tunes from the blue-eyed soul singer from Bristol. Now the tunes get reimagined for different contexts firstly by label heads Jazzanova, the long time masters of many different synths, instruments and sounds. Their expressive take on ‘Giants’ is all shimmering chords and broken beats primed for early evening outdoor dancing.

Feiertag is the alter ego of the Dutch live-act Joris Feiertag. Recording and performing since 2015, his sound can be described as electronic yet warm, and with a preference for innovative syncopated rhythms combined with fragments of instruments such as the harp and kalimba. 2021 will see the release of his debut album after a string of well received singles. Here he turns Josef’s ‘Giants’ into a superbly slow motion workout with reverberating kicks, claps and warped vocals all bringing sensuousness to the trumpet laced groove. UK talent Friend Within has been in the scene for over a decade and has a house sound that has taken him to Dirtybird and Hypercolour and put him at the forefront of a new wave of UK artists. His brilliant rework is party ready, with up beat grooves and florid sax lines bringing jazzy, soulful notes and good times.

It is then Pete himself who reworks ‘This Sun’, flipping it into a lively house track with a killer bassline and plenty of percussive Latin flair and more fantastic wind leads. As a digital bonus, Quintin Copper – a man known for his ability to jam on vintage synths, various instruments and draw on his love of soul, funk and jazz – serves up a deliciously deep dub of ‘Mainframe’ with romantic sax lines and funky bass.
This is a high grade remix package that ensures these fantastic tunes will have a new lease of life this summer and beyond.

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