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Paz E Futebol – compiled by Jazzanova

In June 2006 Germany has the honor of hosting the World Cup football tournament. Far more than a sporting event, this is the biggest global cultural phenomenon that there is. JAZZANOVA and the crew at Berlin’s Sonar Kollektiv label just couldn’t let the occasion slip by without marking it with a record release. And so it is that the Paz e Futebol compilation celebrates what is undoubtedly the Brazilian nations greatest passion next to soccer: music. What better time to showcase Brazilian music than coinciding with a World Cup? Featuring greats of the Brazilian music scene such as MARCOS VALLE and EDU LOBO, this record is sure to please those already in the know about the musical treats the country has to offer as well as winning over new listeners to the sound of Brazil. MARCO VALLE’s opening and title track Paz e Futebol (trans. Peace and Football) kicks of this superb compilation with a massive big band sounding brass section. His other hits include Samba de Verao, Os Grilos and Freio Aerodinâmico. Recently VALLE’s work has also been released on the english Far Out Recordings ( label remixed by the likes of JAZZANOVA, 4HERO and BUGZ IN THE ATTIC. Presento Greco by ARTHUR VEROCAIS is taken from his eponymous album which he has just re-released. The song originally came out in 1972 and is heavily influenced by US soul – which is clearly what gives the track its funkiness. The title translates at “Greek gift”. This is a reference to the Trojan Horse and was significant imagery for VEROCAIS when he composed the song as a statement of expression against the background of military dictatorship in Brazil at the time.
In Vento Bravo (1973) EDU LOBO tells the story of slaves being brought to Brazil by the Portuguese. This of course, was a dark chapter in the countries history, but remains one of the reasons for the great cultural diversity in Brazil. EDU LOBO was one of the main protagonists of the so-called “second wave” of bossa-nova musicians ( and remains historically one of the most important figures in Brazilian music. Goddess by PATHLESS is one of three tunes on Paz e Futebol produced out-with Brazil but with the influential Brazilian sound at their core. PATHLESS is actually STEFAN LEISERING and AXEL REINEMER aka two members of the critically acclaimed nu-jazz pioneers JAZZANOVA. With this gloriously laid back track as well as throughout this incredible compilation JAZZANOVA prove the eclectic nature of their taste, inspiration and musical style. Mirandolina by BURNIER & CARTIER is nothing less than an anthem. The beautifully melancholy melody is backed up by an ever-moving rhythm section of shaker and triangle. This is perfect music to accompany the emotional ups and downs of a world cup. Beyond the melancholy there is an all-pervading and persistent optimism of spirit telling you to never give up hope! This sensational track has previously also featured on Ministry of Sounds Brazilution 5.3.
Just Like a Rainbow by AMINITA was itself composed in Germany where the band performed alot during the 80s. The tune is about the power of music which is around us all the time. The lyrics are most inspiring: “this is my life. i do not care what people say, i’ll keep on changing. i sing my song.” This is perhaps the rarest number on Paz e Futebol. Sonar Kollektiv is proud to have dug this record up at a Berlin flea-market and to now be able to offer it to the wider audience that it deserves. The voice is reminiscent of ROBERTA FLACK and the music of a BACHARACH production. TENORIO JR. E SUE CONJUNTO’s instrumental track Nebulosa features some pretty impressive tinkling of the ivories. While the lyrics in JOAO BOSCO’s Escadas Da Penha describe the ascent of the 200 steps to the top of the Pena church in Rio. This track really picks up the pace with a guitar riff that sounds like a speeded up version of SIMON & GARFUNKEL. BOSCO’s musical career spans over 30 years in which he recorded 22 albums, all this makes him a true legend of Brazilian music (
Samba Selvagem by SIRIUS B is, as the title suggests, no holds-barred samba. This is music you just can’t sit still to. About half way through the amazing tune the drums give way to finely sung harmonies and a powerfully piercing brass arrangement. It’s hard to believe it, but Samba Selvagem is another production not to have its origins in Brazil at all. In fact, SIRIUS B are from Great Britain – the tune first appeared in 2004 as an EP on London based Freestyle Records! Só-lucios (COPA 7) surely doesn’t need any translation. The slow romantic groove of this track is just that: so luscious! Samba Walk by PATRICIA & ORLANDO features the unmistakable warm tones of the FENDER RHODES keyboard, plus unbelievable classical and bass guitar solos. Then MARCO VALLE makes a second appearance on the compilation with his disco-lounge sounding number Estrelar. The title translates as shine which is precisely what this glossy production does. The penultimate track, Mash Banana by CHRIS & NINA + FRIENDS is a feast of syncopated cowbells. CHRIS & NINA are also favored by KENNY DOPE who has used tracks of theirs on mixes. Caminhada by CONJUNTO 3D makes the perfect closing track to what is a brilliant compilation. The chords are reminiscent of that latin classic The Girl From Ipenema, and the key changes towards the end leave the album on an eternally optimistic mood.
Having started as a DJ team, and still performing as such, JAZZANOVA know a thing or two about which tunes are good for playing out and what sounds draw people to the floor. JAZZANOVA have had all tunes featured on Paz e Futebol in their record box for a long time and can vouch for the fact that each one has it’s place in the perfect DJ set – from warm up to prime-time!
Of course, “it doesn’t matter who wins, it’s the taking part that counts” is a cliche, but with such a historic event as the World Cup there is a lot of truth to this old maxim. One thing’s for sure, everyone is a winner with the fantastic new Paz e Futebol compilation from Sonar Kollektiv (SK089CD/LP). Wether you like jazz, funk, disco, lounge, easy-listening or soul, it’s all there for your listening pleasure. Perhaps this amazing music can teach everyone that there can be glory in defeat, that there’s no shame in losing – after all, it really is the being there that matters. That bitter-sweet feeling permeates virtually every track on this sensational compilation showing that his is music to celebrate victory but also to console the inevitable failure. What JAZZANOVA have put together here is the ultimate soundtrack for good times and happy summer vibes. Summer 2006 Germany will become the world stage and Berlin in particular as host of the final will be the center of attention of the world’s media. With Paz e Futebol Sonar Kollektiv hopes to win over some of the limelight so often shed on Brazils green and yellow clad soccer team for the countries equally impressive and colourfull music scene.

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