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Passion Social Club  – The Walk

Sonar Kollektiv feels blessed to release after all a tune again that will shake the (finally reopened) dancefloors around the world.

Passion Social Club are two seasoned British musicians who have recently collaborated successfully and decided to give it a go as a twosome, but to keep it anonymous for the time being.

But who knows, if more tracks in the style of «The Walk» emerge, you can be quite sure that we will hear a lot more from and about Passion Social Club.
«The Walk» picks up somewhere where «Get Down Saturday Night» by Oliver Cheatham left off in 1983, and where (what is probably) the third 80‘s revival started again in 2021. Consequently this is pretty much the track that every DJ will play out who likes to conjure up magical feelings of happiness on the dance floor.

Or as Bill Brewster stated it: „Outsider house with punchy kick-and-snare driven by a vocal that is somewhere between a full vocal and being tickled into submission by the producer. Abstract dance at its best.“
Fun fact: «The Walk» gets its mojo pumping the best under the open sky.

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