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Paskal & Urban Absolutes – Ooh feat. Charlie Sputnik

Creating tension and excitement between two beats – that‘s what Paskal & Urban Absolutes have been revolving around in their music for a long time.

After their impressive debut album from 2013 on Sonar Kollektiv the two producers from Berlin and Düsseldorf are ready for their next strike. ‚Ooh‘ acts as the first single in advance of a new album and shows once more the two guys‘ expertise in fusing electronic club music with a knack for pop sensitivity. A relaxed disco beat and a funky guitar meet soft synth pads and a stunning vocal performance from Charlie Sputnik. The interaction of all these elements allows you to read ‚Ooh‘ as an updated version of George Michael‘s love for light-hearted soul-pop as a young man in the 80s. Thus, Paskal & Urban Absolutes create a laid-back kind of thrill that works just as well on the dancefloor as in your living-room. Watch out for the second single and the release of the full album this autumn on Sonar Kollektiv!

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Paskal & Urban Absolutes