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Oliver Dollar – How U Do It (Oliver Dollar Remix)

This remix of the just released album Dive by Feiertag, is something very special indeed – a hazy, unpretentious future club classic taking its influences from both sides of the Atlantic.

This new project sees the producer return to something like his musical origins, diving deeper into the use of synths and embracing more offbeat melodies. How U Do It has its roots firmly planted in Detroit of course, but as well as its motor city connections there’s also a flavor of the UK scene in its DNA – something that Feiertag returns to time and again. British labels like Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section and rising stars such as WheelUP are important touchstones for Joris’ sound, and here their broken beat (or “bruk”) legacy is felt alongside the US house feel and the moody, challenging vocals that run throughout.

Feiertag’s love for Oliver Dollar’s modern classic Doin Ya Thing is well documented, and in addition, the man himself has stepped up with a stunning remix. Ready for the next Soul Skate party…

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