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Nomumbah – Like A Rainbow

JAZZANOVA and the Sonar Kollektiv crew always had a great devotion to the finer corners of world music and the sound of Brazil is no exception. This eagerness of making people discover the music they love can be reflected in the compilation Paz e Futebol (SK089CD/LP) they released last year to celebrate the World Cup. They shed a light on what is undoubtedly Brazilian nation’s greatest passion next to football: music. It showcased great names of the Brazilian music scene such MARCOS VALLES and EDU LOBO as well as lesser known artists such as the band AMANITA, who released the beautiful song Like A Rainbow. The band performed a lot in Germany during the 80s and the tune has been itself composed in Germany. It is about the power of music, which is around us all the time. Their lyrics really represent the philosophy of JAZZANOVA and what Sonar Kollektiv is all about: „In a minute or just a day all my dream may have passed away and the music would still be there forever in my heart“ This was perhaps the rarest number on Paz e Futebol (SK089CD/LP) and still is a classic tune for JAZZANOVA, who wanted to offer its great lyrics to wider audience.

In order to give a second youth to this amazing Brazilian song without betraying the true feelings it carries, they had to find another Brazilian band producing a soulful music with many influences ranging from Brazilian and Latin music to electronic and house. And they found exactly what they were looking for in the 3-piece ensemble NOMUMBAH from Sao Paulo. Formed by 3 experimented musicians ALE REIS, ANDRE TORQUATO and RAFAEL MORAES, NOMUMBAH managed to capture the essence of Brazil’s cultural and musical beauty in mixing jazzy elements, broken rhythms and deep house soundscapes into a sweet and soulful blend. In 2005 they got singled out with their special rework of LO BORGES’ Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser by Yoruba Records mastermind OSUNLADE, who released the track on his label’s compilation Osunlade Presents Ibara: River Crossing and on the compilation Osunlade Presents Yoruba Records Cinco Anos Despue released on Soul Jazz Records. They recently released their debut album Love Moves on Yoruba Records encapsulating the true Brazilian spirit in 11 warm and emotional songs. Being fans from the early days JAZZANOVA knew that NOMUMBAH was the right band to give a new breathe of life to this forgotten pearl. Their version is a very deep house affair with organic latin rhythms and heavenly layers of strings flourishing on top. It also highlights perfectly the beautiful lyrics sung by world famous guest singer NADIRAH SHAKOOR who was the singer of Hip Hop legends ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. She lays her gorgeous voice on the subtle and chilled-out drums beats and sweet synth melodies of NOMUMBAH. A DJ-friendly dub version of the song is also present on the flipside for a pure moment of joy on the dancefloor.

Like a Rainbow is a deep-house gem that will make any sad feeling vanish in the air and leave you with a smile on your face and glimmers of light in your eyes.

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