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New reissue label. Notes On A Journey.

Yes, the rumors are correct. Juergen, Stefan & Oli started a new reissue label, called “Notes On A Journey”. For more than 25 years now next to various activities (as a band as DJs and as curators) the Jazzanova crew distinguished itself as a bunch of passionate record collectors. And that’s why it really had to come to that: the cumulative load of knowledge  the almost manic urge to consistently dig deeper and deeper in music’s history vault and thereby the increased quality standards regarding these findings is made accessible to public now since spring 2015. With Notes On A Journey (NOAJ) the two Jazzanova members Stefan Leisering and Jürgen von Knoblauch together with Sonar Kollektiv labelmanager Oliver Glage brought a label into being which will exclusively take care of re-issues of lost, forgotten, overlooked and never before released music. The first release is already on presale: Spinning Motion – Confidence In The Future (limited edition of 500 copies).

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