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Mylow – Voyager EP

Again, Sonar Kollektiv unearths a talent like we have discovered quite a few yet thanks to the good noses at the Berlin based quality label. This time round Sonar Kollektiv introduces us to a young, dutch producer called Mylow. «Voyager», the EP at hand, his second release by the way, sounds like an aged jazz pianist has his finger on the pulse of the time again. Though it’s exactly the other way around! Mylow, né Milo Tomasovic, studies Electronic Music at Rockacademy in Tilburg and collects old jazz and soul records, which he also DJs with regularly to transport the musical heritage of his idols into the here and now.

It will remain a mystery though how Mylow has come up with all these audacious sounds, noises and melodies which assemble the four tracks of this EP into a little masterpiece.The title track «Voyager» moves from a spheric ambient track slowly and cautiously to a weird downtempo piece spiked with remote tribal chants. Same applies to «I Do», which only really picks up pace in the last minute but then radiating magic all over the place. The only thing this EP lacks, are four further songs in the same fashion. If we are lucky, we will get them very soon.

Until then one has to listen to «Voyager» up and down.

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