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Mooryc – Wiped Out

This is a true pleasure: The new, the third album by Maurycy Zimmermann aka Mooryc is finally here and it is much more poppy than its predecessors, in places almost folky-dreamy, but one thing especially: delightfully and downright personal.“Wiped Out” fits Sonar Kollektiv’s repertoire just perfectly and will probably be one of the most respected releases of the Berlin based label this year. When the Pole’s first two LPs were mainly electronic affairs and targeted straight at the dance floor, then we have to prepare ourselves now for a cozy listening deeply moving our souls. The blessed and academic trained musician cut eleven genuine, timeless pop jewels for “Wiped Out”.

“You Will Go” is a sugar-sweet ode to goodbye recited in a delicate manner like a wisp of wind. Only on a few tracks („One Day“ oder „Bad Luck“) a beat plays a part at all. In this case all the more sophisticated and smarty-pants, so you notice even after all that Mooryc has also released records on the state of the art Jena based techno and house label Freude am Tanzen.

Most of the time it’s simply a guitar and the thirtysomething’s wonderously magic voice though, which make these songs shine so bright. The title track is one of the many fine examples why this album should be always within easy reach during the imminent winter time. Songs like „Inconceivable“ or „Who Are You Now“ air this decent warmth and this tremendous comfort which are more than welcome in these days now when the nights get longer again than the days.

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