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Member Of The Trick 07: Powerhorse

With their first 12″ releases on Sonar Kollektiv, Sweat / Sunshine Fu*k (SK063), as well as further releases on Compost Records the producer-DJ duo TRICKSKI gained international attention in no time at all. Big name DJs such as GILLES PETERSON, MARK PRITCHARD, CARL CRAIG, PETER KRUDER and of course JAZZANOVA as well were all impressed with the fresh, cheeky and and simply uncopyable style the TRICKSKI members YANNICK LABBÉ and DANIEL BECKER are responsible for.

So TRICKSKI were the logical choice of people to do a new club orientated series for Sonar Kollektiv. The goal was to be to squeeze the very wide musical spectrum of Sonar Kollektiv into a series of club tracks which would cause a stir in the DJ community. And so the unmistakable and quickly identifiable Member Of The Trick concept was born.

Following guest contributions from LEROY & DARNELL, SKWERL, MOVEMENTZ as well as FUTURE BEAT INVESTIGATORS, each of which appeared about two months after the other, it’s now up to TRICKSKI themselves to continue the series with their own addition.

The A side Drakkar, integrates a touch of latin rhythm with the usually rough TRICKSKI: deep, fresh and danceable. It’s a powerfull track which is definitely suitable for big dancefloors.

Once again TRICKSKI have named their vinyl after animals: the B-Side, Powerhorse, does total justice to its name. With typically TRICKSKIan synth rave sounds and kicking house beats, there’s a lot of horse power driving this track’s groove even though its slightly slower than the A side which is typical for TRICKSKI 12”s, delivering a fast track and a slower one on the flip.

By the way, there’s going to be one further 12″ in the first Member Of The Trick series before it gets rounded off with a compilation in autumn – this crowning glory to the series will contain remixes and more exclusive material by TRICKSKI and their Member Of The Trick artists.

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