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Lucifour M – Due EP

On the back of four strong singles and a moving EP full of dynamic, Italian quartet Lucifour M pool their strengths for the release of their second EP ‚Due‘. After a short and casually ruptured skit intro Lucifour M enter the EP with the light-hearted pop song ‚Hell0‘ which has already caused a stir as a single recently. Funky guitars, crisp drums and jazzy chords are combined with a charming vocal performance here. As soon as you hear all this you immediately understand the magic which revolves around Lucifour M and their second EP.

At the same time the great musical skills of the experienced musicians Michele Ducci, Marco Frattini, Mattia Dallara und Michele Manzo shine through on ‚Hell0‘ as well as on all the other songs of the EP. Songs rich in details and facets are the particular strength of the four musicians with the initial letter ‚M‘ in their names just as well as providing this complexity with a wonderful lightness. This is the recurrent theme of this eclectic EP which combines influences from funk, soul and pop and fuses them to something utterly unique that always bears the hallmarks of Lucifour M.

Thus, ‚Due‘ wins us over with mature pop songs which defy traditional genre classifications, and which turn this rich EP into a consistent highlight in Sonar Kollektiv‘s catalogue.

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