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Like A Drug feat. Stee Downes

How wonderful “Reunion”, the debut album by Alex Barck is, is also displayed in all the remixes that have been already provided for almost all the longplayer’s tracks. Ada, Phil Gerus, Mao, Hannes Fischer, Osunlade, Copy Paste Soul, Full Crate, Kalabrese aund Vect are joined now – with this digital release – by Luis Leon and ComixXx.

“Like A Drug” is featuring the vocals by Amsterdam based singer Stee Downes. His second album, by the way, will be coming out on Sonar Kollektiv this year as well. Luis Leon from Lima, Peru interprets the song not as romantic as Barck and Downes did with the original. He pushes the track unabashedly and full throttle towards “Breaking Bad”. It’s not a couple dancing closely anymore. Now we watch Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cooking up drugs.

A bit less illegal, but never the less reckless is the attemp of Berlin based newcomer ComixXx. His remix (somewhere between synthpop and italo disco) is a foretaste of his upcoming debut album on Sonar Kollektiv later this year. And that’s how the thrill of anticipation increases even more.

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