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Lars Bartkuhn – Dimensions (w/ Marcus Worgull Remix)

When comes to releasing new music, the word „trend“ is not part of the vocabulary of Sonar Kollektiv. On the contrary Sonar Kollektiv has a long-standing reputation for releasing records that can pass the test of time. New signature in their staple Musician/Producer/Dj LARS BARTKUHN from Frankfurt shares this philosophy as well. LARS was a passionate music lover from earliest childhood on. After discovering THE BEATLES and BEACH BOYS he deeply fell in love with the music of PAT METHENY, KEITH JARRETT and JOHN COLTRANE to name but a few, and also with countless other styles beyond Jazz such as Soul, funk, Rock, Brazilian music and so on… In the following years LARS worked as a session musician, playing in many different formations from Jazz quartets to Funk crews over to Brazil bands and Fusion combos, where he refined his skills and discovered new vibes in the world of music. His fascination with the deep and soulful side of House and with the music of LARRY HEARD, KERRI CHANDLER, ANTHONY NICHOLSON and RON TRENT amongst many others brought him to create his own label Needs with his brother MAREK and his good friend DJ YANNICK. Needs and the production of the trio rapidly gained recognition from the best Djs and artists worldwide. LARS and his crew have been asked to remix countless producers and bands such as FRANCOIS K, JAZZTRONIK, ENNIO MORRICONE, IAN POOLEY and ATJAZZ and their label Needs became synomyn for open-minded and timeless house music.

LARS BARTKUHN’s own productions have been played and charted by many DJs around the globe and the seminal anthem Worlds from his project PASSION DANCE ORCHESTRA has been heralded as a true dancefloor classic. LARS also released 2 wonderful full-length albums Dreamland and Choreographies respectively on Needs and Impartmaint labels, where he breaks the boundaries that makes House Music a secluded world. On the DJ side LARS, his brother and DJ YANNICK were hosting their legendary ‚Needs (Not Wants)’ nights at Robert Johnson in their hometown of Frankfurt, while regularly playing all over Europe. LARS also worked for the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy as a lecturer (Rome/Ekaterinenburg) and studio producer (Seattle).

LARS personally met JUERGEN from JAZZANOVA three and a half years ago, when they played together at one of the famous Kaleidoscope parties in Berlin, and they talked about a possible contribution on Sonar Kollektiv. This long-awaited moment is finally arrived with the release of LARS’ new masterpiece entitled Dimensions (SK171/elektrish). Dimensions is LARS BARTKUHN’s finest moment to date since the release of his classic album Dreamland on his own Needs imprint. Tired of all the restrictions in the world of club music and bored with all the clichés in nowadays’s house, LARS composed Dimensions (SK171/elektrish) with 2 thoughts in mind : displaying his love for heavy grooves, harmonies, complex strings and keyboard arrangements and creating something really timeless and unique. Over a syncopated funky beat and a colorful keyboard hook LARS’ flourishing arrangements will keep your ears and mind as busy as possible and will take you on trippy journey that that will expand your mind and refuel your soul. On the flipside MARCUS WORGULL of Innervisions fame comes up with a very effective and DJ friendly remix, where the tension rises beat after beat. WORGULL’s version is a surefire crowdpleaser that will undoubtedly be pitched by DJs such as DIXON and ÂME and that will make your heart beat faster and stronger on the dancefloor!

And Dimension (SK171) is just a taster of things to come for LARS BARTKUHN, who will release a full-length album on Sonar Kollektiv very soon!

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