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Karen P …broad casting

Following on from JAZZANOVA and OFF TRACK (DIRK RUMPFF), up and coming radio producer, DJ and media consultant KAREN P now delivers what is already the third in the successful …broadcasting mix series. KAREN P earned her stripes working on GILLES PETERSON’s Worldwide show on BBC Radio 1.
Since then she has gone on to establish herself as one of the most up and coming entrepreneurs in the field of radio and internet broadcasting today. She moved on from Worldwide to work on setting up the Red Bull Music Academy’s acclaimed internet radio station. Today she has her own forward thinking audio production company.Karen P Productions recently received the highest accolade the radio industry has to offer for her Book Slam Podcast:the Sony Gold Award!
Clients of her just 1 year company include: The Roundhouse, Fabric Club, J-Wave Japan, The Big Chill Festival, Channel 4 Radio and Ninja Tune Records. Her contribution to the …broad casting mix series for Sonar Kollektiv is a chilled out fusion of funky grooves, mellow moods and some exclusive productions of her own.
KAREN P has produced her …broad casting mix to have the feel of a real radio show – complete with jingles and interludes that she has produced exclusively for …broad casting with SI BEGG with whom she has been working on sound design project for 4 years. SI BEGG himself has been a recording artist since ’93. He’s best know for his work on Novamute but has also released under his aliases SI FUTURES and BUCKFUNK 3000 and on other labels such as Tresor, Cheap, Skint and Shitkatapult as well as his own Mosquito label which he set up with CHRISTIAN VOGEL. From their self-styled intro KAREN P takes the mix into a Finish song Pikku Myyn Laulu (Lilla Mys visa) by MOOMIN VOICES. The Moomins are the creation of Finish writer TOVE JANSSON – her stories about the adventures of these bear-like creatures have become cult all over the world and translated in thirty five languages. In fact the intro, Broadcasting Across The Valley, is also a reference to Moomin Valley where the MOOMIN stories take place.
Next up is TUNNG who are no stranger to Sonar Kollektiv having appeared on another of the label’s highly acclaimed compilation series, Secret Love 2 compiled by JAZZANOVA and RESOUL (SK066CD/LP). This deeply atmospheric instrumental piece features droning melodicas and plucked guitars. TUNNG also did the remix of the following track, Wrecking Ball by their Full Time Hobby label mates VIVA VOCE which originally came out as 7″ in 2005.
Singer-songwriter JAMIE WOON’s track Wayfaring Stranger was previously released on Sercret Love Vol. 4 (SK160CD (folkwaves). And he’s also had tracks on GILLES PETERSON’s own Brownswoods Records, on the label compilation Brownswood Bubblers Two. His song Robots as selected by KAREN P for the new …Broadcasting mix is a deliciously soulful number (exclusive on this compilation). After WOON comes another tremendous male vocalist DAMON AARON, whose album Ballast came out in 2005 on Plug Research. He’s also had tracks on Klein Records, Hefty and Monika Enterprise in the form of a guest vocal on BARBARA MORGENSTERN & ROBERT LIPPOK’s Tesri album. DAMON AARON also features later in the mix with another tune with Hold On Me (Greatstone Mix), – exclusive! – being the penultimate track on the album. Throughout this …broad casting mix KAREN P has taken care to make sure there’s just the right balance of big names and more obscure stuff so it’s interesting for even those in the know.
So there’s tracks like the phenomenal Short Stories by QUITE SANE which you might never have heard before – it first came out on their album Child Of Troubled Times in 2002 and is a sublime R&B song, ideal for relaxing or slow dancing.
Blue Jay by OWUSA & HANNIBAL is taken from their album Living With… on Ubiquity Records (URLP 199). They’ve also had tracks on Compost and Get Physical.
There are classic/hard to find tunes by the likes of RENE COSTY or OPEN SKY UNIT are followed by greats such JIMI TENOR whose uplifting big band number Spell originally came out as 12″ on Warp in 2000.
A new artist on this compilation is AARON JEROME with his amazing tune “Brighter Days” which features Andreya who has also played at the Broadcasting Night. This fantastic mix draws to a close with tracks by the likes of STEREOTYP and MOCKY. STEREOTYP has also released on G-Stone, Compost, Klein Records, Kitty Yo, Fabric and Ninja Tunes while Canadian born Berlin resident MOCKY has released on Gomma and Four Music. MOCKY already featured on JAZZANOVA’s very first …broad casting mix (SK092CD/EP) and on STUDIO R’s tune Clapz (TRICKSKI remix).

An accompanying 12” was released in May 2008, including STEREOTYP, TETTORY BAD feat. FATIMA and SI BEGG feat. FATIMA (SK186EP).

But KAREN P’s contribution to the …broad casting series doesn’t even stop with the album. She has even gone so far as to set up a club night with the same name at Cargo in London. The night started in January 2008 with LITTLE DRAGON whose album on Peacefrog Records is KAREN P’s album of 2007 and the band also appeared on the afore mentioned Secret Love 4 with their track Twice. CHARLES WEBSTER & ROBERT OWENS also played at the inaugural …broad casting party and JIMI TENOR is also set to play. The party is a platform for a selection that may run from leftfield hip hop and Brazilian beats to jazzy neo-soul, Afro-funk and electronica. KAREN P has worked whether in the broadcasting or recording studio with artists such as N.E.R.D, BJÖRK, THE ROOTS, HERBERT, AMP FIDDLER, DIZZEE RASCAL, ROOTS MANUVA, BECK, TY and ROY AYERS. She truly is a self-made woman; known as the “Queen of the Podcast”, her contribution to Sonar Kollektiv’s …broad casting is beyond question.

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