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Jonatan Bäckelie – It Could Go Either Way (Remix)

“It Could Go Either Way” is the remix single off the debut album (“Darkness On The Edge Of Ecstasy”, SK335LP) by Jonatan Bäckelie aka Ernesto. At the same time it’s also the farewell gift by Berlin duo Trickski. As you might know, Yannick Labbé and Daniel Becker decided a while ago to go separate ways. The last mutual task they got their hands on was this remix here. And they delivered even two versions, which are both on their own exceptional interpretations of this sensitive ballad by the Swedish songwriter and singer. As the title indicates, The “Garage Mix” floors the car a bit more, uses a quite complex rhythm structure though making it delicate for DJs when to play it. Dropped at the right time at the right place it can work wonders. On the contrary, “The Trickski Way Mix” shines with a retro aesthetics and a groovy smoothness which goes under your skin instantly. That’s why you find the instrumental version on this package as well.

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