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Jazzanova’s new single NOW THERE IS WE

There we are : Two years have passed already again since the last single by Jazzanova, I Human. Never change a winning team” is the name of the formula for success with the current coup “Now There Is We”. Once again Paul Randolph takes care of vocal business and wrote lyrics that are as uplifting as only he can provide. The outcome is a infectious hybrid of vocal house and soulful pop. When Randolph repeats the line “There was me,now there is we  I never go back…” at the climax of the song, you notice that he’s not only celebrating a romantic triumph,but also the community spirit of a well-functioning band,well maybe even of a party in sheer harmony. The trademark of the track though is the ultra deep bass line, along the sophisticated live drum programming, fitting every house-set perfectly. Therefore you get, that’s how service orientated Sonar Kollektiv is, the instrumental version on the flipside of this illustrious 10inch of vinyl. Double awesome!

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