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Jazzanova – Upside Down 2 (Manuel Tur & Dplay / MCDE Remixes)

This is the second of two 12″s accompanying the Jazzanova Remix compilation Upside Down. Next to the Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix off the compilation it features two bonus tracks: The remix by Manuel Tur & Dplay and a special Dub Edit of the MCDE Remix.

Manuel Tur probably needs no further introduction. Or you haven’t been to a night club for the last ten years and therefore haven’t heard some of the most thrilling house music coming out of Germany in the last decade. Teaming up with upcoming producer and remixer Dplay the Essen based wunderkind built one hell of a deephouse monster out of Look What You’re Doin’ To Me. This should, no, must be HUGE at Panorama Bar. How much more „Berlin“ can you get?

Also Motor City Drum Ensemble can’t be an unknown name to everyone listening to club music. Danilo Plessow (originally from Stuttgart, now based in Cologne) has been re-defining house music for the last five years or so. His brilliant Mix for DJ Kicks! (released earlier this year on !K7) showed again why everyone is so much in awe of him and his ever evolving talents. This remix keeps the legacy definitely going. A string-ladden, hands-in-the-air anthem for every respectful dancefloor on this planet. The Dub Remix adds a wonky synth line that drives you literally nuts (in a good way of course!).

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