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Jazzanova – Sincere feat. Noah Slee LYRIC VIDEO

Watch here the new lyric video for Jazzanova – Sincere feat. Noah Slee.

‘The idea was to capture the lyrics in a way that is represented with a wink or a hint. There’s no storyline to capture feelings, so we tried to mirror emotions and provide an idea of what the song could mean without it being so obvious. It´s real fun to work on a project when you are given the trust to do what you want to…’ – Felix Kumpfe (Atelier Hurra – Director)

‘I was honoured to work with Jazzanova and spend sometime in their amazing studio in Berlin. Sincere initially came to me very quickly once I got the beat but the process to finishing it took a bit longer. In the end we used some demo vocals because it just had the right energy. I love the depth the groove carries and the amazing chord changes gives it a nice twist. Was a really cool opportunity to be apart of a beautiful album.’ – Noah Slee

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