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Jazzanova – Let’s Live Well feat. Jamie Cullum OFFICIAL VIDEO

The rousing ‘Let’s Live Well’ feat. Jamie Cullum comes on the heels of the release of their latest album The Pool and just ahead of their live show at WOMAD and release show at the Islington Assembly Hall in London.

Director Savannah Leaf on the video: ‘It’s a beautiful image to think what happens when you release someone’s ashes: Do they dance upon mountain tops? Do they run through barren fields? Do they swim with ocean currents? I imagine all of the above. So for ‘Let’s Live Well’ I wanted to depict a poetic interpretation of this idea, revolving around the desperate attraction and liberation that comes with letting go. Although the idea I had in mind stems from a story of a deceased lover, the concept can be extended to the feeling one has, desperately trying to hold onto their first love, much like the themes of this song.

English jazz-pop singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum is a long time friend of Jazzanova’s Axel Reinemer so it was only a matter of time before he collaborated on one of the band’s tracks. The award-winning artist is a veteran of seven studio albums and is one of contemporary jazz’s most prominent stars, and lends plenty of his trademark qualities.

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